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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mr. Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun

If you're like me and you can manage to get a sunburn sitting by a window, then this is the product for you.  Hopefully Summer is just around the corner and this product should be on everyones must have list.  Usually I'm not a fan of any type of sunscreen on my face because of the stink involved, the breakouts and worst of all..the dreaded sunscreen in the eye!  The new Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid is the lightest feeling sunscreen I've ever experienced.  This sunblock offers a non-shiny finish that works beautifully under make up and doesn't leave you with that gunky too much product on my face feeling.  It's oil free, PABA free and is both sweat and water proof.  I think the SPF of 55 and 70 are a little extreme, but good protection with a light weight feel is hard to find. Scoop it and love it :)


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