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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh em gee. want of the week.

soooO...Since it's payday this week (finally) it's a double duty want of the week.

I love Tokidoki. I can never afford Tokidoki so I head to Pacific Mall and buy all the fake bags a true Tokidoki lover can handle :) I also love liquid liner in pen form...lately I've been rocking the NYX Jet Black..but then...my two loves collided and came up with this!

When I first came across this I had to take a moment and pick my jaw up off the ground. Fantastical liquid liner annnnnd Tokidoki. The make up gods are reading my mind. I must have all of them. Every single one. So..it goes on the list that`s already 8 miles long but I think I'm excited enough to put it at the top.

16 dollla at Sephora.

Liquid liner AND bling bling for my lippies? What a wonderful week.

MACs new Superglass lipgloss is here. $21.50 for lipgloss...ouuch. I still want want want though. I love Dazzleglass...so Superglass just has to be the be all end all of glitterglosses right? :)

A lip gloss blended with small, medium and large pearls to create three distinct dimensions of jewel-like flash and overwhelming dazzle. Provides sheer medium coverage. Adds sexy shine and lustre to the lips. Helps lips stay smooth and hydrated. Features M∙A∙C’s vanilla flavour. Limited edition.(of course!)

Check check it.

So if I finally cave and buy something off this 8 mile long want list..I will test it like it's never been tested before and let you know if it's worth the buckaroos.


Michelle Trinh said...

Im iffy for the superglasses. my favorite lip glosses are the dazzle glasses but i have a feeling they may be too gritty with all the extra glitter in it. but i may go in soon to swatch =DD

loving the blog lindsay, keep it up!

bagabooty said...

ive heard that the glitter starts to travel all over your face after like an hour lol but it'll look amazing for 5 minutes...soo worth it :D

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