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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Packaging Fail: When Perfect Products Have Horrible Packaging

Offender #1.  Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Collection Shea Cashmere Body Lotion.  This has to be my favourite moisturizer of all time.  The product is flawless.  It smells gooorgeous, like vanilla, but a little different then most vanillas.  The lotion is light but super moisturizing with African shea butter.  With such a perfect product there has to be a catch....and it's the package.

I love any product that comes with a pump.  The pump helps to control the amount of product used, and from a germaphobe perspective...it's far more clean to pump then to dip your fingers in a jar.  I'd say the first month of using this product was great..no problems what so ever, but once the product began getting lower and lower in the bottle the pump started to fail on me :(.  The first problem was that the lotion seemed to get thicker over time, which wasn't really a problem until it was almost too thick to get up to the pump.  The second problem is that the lil straw lookin thingy that brings the product up to the pump wasn't long enough to get the precious bits of lotion at the bottom of the bottle.  I'm the type of gal that likes to use every last drop of product if I love it..so there I was trying to find a way to cut the bottle open to reach the bottom.  The bottle is more of a hard plastic so it couldn't be squeezed.  So much frustration over a lotion...but still well worth it.

Love love love love love this lotion and for $16.50 you can bet that I cracked that sucker open to get to the very bottom. :D

Right now this lotion is available on SAAAALE at  Bath and Body Works , normally $16.50 but now available for a limited time 2 for $20.  You can bet I'm stocking up.


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