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Friday, June 18, 2010


thanks to the muse for the pics!!

getttt excited.

Venomous Villains Collection UPDATE!


Innocence Beware! Light yellow pink cremesheen. 
Heartless. Amplified Cherry Red.

Wicked Ways.  Light nude with gold pearl.
Devilishly StylishDeep fuschia with pink pearl

De-vil. Rich copper veluxe pearl
Sweet Joy. Creamy pale gold frost.
Carbon. Intense Black (repromote)

Penultimate Eyeliner
Rapid Black True Black

Beauty Powder
Her Own Devices. Cool nude.

Darkly my Dear. Matte mid-tone brown plum.

More updates coming sooooon! Can you guess what the other three villains are? :D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I want to be SO SO SO excited by this

but I'm having a hard time due to past experiences of crumminess. I lurrrvves me new ways to save space within my kit and the Z Palette is making me slightly excited at the chance to fit ANY shaped depoted make up, up in it.

This exclusive custom palette is perfect for display and color comparison. Its outstanding sleek and clean design offers an open magnetic base to fit any size eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or even foundation! You can keep all your favorites from all different makeup brands in one place. The compact finish is made of a coated high quality matte paper, which is easy to clean and is 70% recyclable. Best of all with its unique acrylic clear window you can see exactly what’s inside! Replace colors as often as you would like to your preference.

AHHHH mazing right? Don't get too overly excited just yet...the outer casing is made from "coated, high quality matte PAPER!".  I had a similar palette to this one that I spent about $30 and within weeks the edges of the paper on the palette started curling and I was left with a palette that left my poor lil eyeshadows all exposed for the world to see...ultimately leading to the demise of a few of my favourite shades.  I want to love this palette because it's such a great idea, but I think I'm going to hold out until they come up with a more durable one. 

That being said...this palette would be fantastic for someone that doesn't have to lug their make up around to different places all the time.  The cutesy zebra print would look fantastic sitting on your vanity and it really is a great idea.

If you want...you can check out this fantastical invention on the Z Palette website where you can order them in different sizes, ranging in price from $14 to $20.

check check check it out
Monday, June 14, 2010

Humidity Proof Eye Shadow Tips

Oily eyelids is a problem for just about everyone, no matter what skin type the rest of your face belongs to. 

First off, if you apply an eye cream to your eye area and you normally apply it to your lid as well...skip the lid!  Since the job of the eye cream is to hydrate and plump the eye area, putting eye cream on your lids can make your lids appear puffy and increase oil production.

Secondly, as you powder your face to set your foundation..DON'T FORGET THE EYES! Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and press the translucent powder into your eyelids to help absorb any excess oil before shadow application.

If all else fails, reach for an eyelid primer.  I never apply eyeshadow to a bare lid because I find the colour can become blotchy on a hot day and the colour never wears as vibrant and true as it does with a base. 

A cult favourite for eyelid primers is Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion (UDPP for all you makeup junkies).   A little goes a long way with this magic in a bottle potion, simply dab a little onto your eyelid, blend with your fingers (remember! ring finger is best for eye area, provides least amount of tugging, resulting in less opportunity for wrinkles) allow to dry for a few seconds and then apply your shadow as you normally would.  Using this product just once will turn you into a junkie and you'll never feel the same way about eye shadow again.  Your colours will wear longer, more vibrant, and most importantly CREASE FREE!

At only $18 this product is a steal since you'll need less shadow to get your desired look, and not to mention that a little bit goes a long long long way. You can check it out here for more deets.

Some other shadow primers that come in a close second place include...
The new NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base slightly pricier at $24.

An honourable mention can go out to Benefit and their Lemon Aid lid primer.  I love this product because the yellowishness in it helps to take away the redness in  my lids and I even wear it alone for the no make up make up look.

Can be found here for only $20 bucks!  Also found at Shoppers Drug Mart with Beauty Boutiques.

The only one I would suggest that you stay far far away from is the Smashbox Lid Primer.

I've tried many, many times to love this product since I usually luurve Smashbox products, but everytime it underachieves and with a price tag of $20 it's not worth it at all.
Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is a rarity...and when it happens it's usually more than amazing.  MAC is coming out with a new way to wear liquid liner, with the Superslick Liquid Liner.

Superslick liquid eyeliner is an innovative dip liquid liner with intense colour payoff and a high level of coverage and allows for quick and precise application. The flexible flocked “magic tip” of the applicator is extremely easy to control. Let your eyes sparkle with this super shiny, super long-wear and water-resistant eyeliner.

MAC is releasing  colours...

Nocturnal: Bright silver pearl
Smoky Noir: Dark blue violet with soft pearl
Signature Blue: Dark navy with soft pearl

Pure Snow: Bright yellow gold pearl
For Glamour: Mid-tone grey with soft pearl
On the Haunt: True Black
Desires and Devices: Sparkling Dark Green
Definately Feline: Chocolate brown with soft pearl
Treat me Nice: Emerald Green with soft pearl

Mmmm shiny liner!

All this and more from the Fabulous Felines Collection from MAC coming out for Fall 2010.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And the winner issss...

June 7, 2010 5:25 PM

Charlene said...

Highbeam by Benefit

Seriously. This does several things: in gives me the best dewy look ever. In the summer it gives me a lovely, non-shiny luster that tops off my tan. In the winter months it prevents me from having that "my face is a powder puff" uber dry look. I don't go a day with out this.

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub:

This product is fantastic. It has small rough particles to smooth out the skin. It does leave a very slightly oily feel on the skin after washing, but that is simply due to the moisturizing components. My face looks visibly less oily after using the scrub just once. This stuff works wonders on trouble skin.

Estee Lauder Verite Moisture relief

I have very sensitive skin and tried different moisturizers, but this is the only one that I didn't break out from. I have been using it for over 2 years now and don't plan on switching to another brand. Oh by the way, this stuff is fragrance free too. Highly recommend for those who have sensitive skin.

Contact me at bagabooty@gmail.com with your address and it'll be shipped out asap.

More contests coming soon...thanks to everyone that participated.
Sunday, June 6, 2010


and the prize issss....one Haunting eyeshadow by MAC...bnib...was part of the Alexander Mc Queen collection...just recently relaunched.

The task: Make me a list of your favourite products and why you love them so.  One winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!

Can't Live Without

Color Club Nail Lacquer in PUCCILICIOUS.
This colour is honestly the most perfect purple ever.  Puccilicious is a bright, creamy purple that goes on perfectly in two coats with no streaks.  I've been loving the purple polish lately and this is fo shoo my new favourite.  Perfect for summer...looks amazing on toes!  Love love love.

Vichy Eau Thermale.  
This spray is rich in minerals and helps to soothe sensitive, irritated skin.  Once you spray this beauty all over your face let it sit for a few seconds then gently pat into your skin.  I have horrific allergies this time of year and I find that this spray is useful in soothing my itchy skin.  It's great for setting make-up, and helps to make setting powder not look so dry. Love love loooove.

Cover FX Conceal FX in Light.
This concealer is well worth the price tag and can cover just about anything your face throws your way.  Since I've been so busy and there's no time for sleep, it does a great job at covering those horrific under eye bags, that lately for me seem to be a full set of Louis Vuttion luggage, including dog carrier.  The concealer has unique self adjusting pigments that help blend to the correct colour for your skin once you start blending.  Looooove.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mac Sale Mayhem.

 Just a peek...more to come.
Thursday, June 3, 2010

View it. View it now!

This is my girl Michelle doing a video for the Tri Cyclen Lo video contest on Who Inspires her. Please view this heartwarming video she made about her grandmother. She needs as many views as possible so she can use the prize money towards her fundraiser for breast cancer.

Do it up! Share the love.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preview of the Week

I`ve turned into such a lipstick junkie. Start getting excited
 July 15th. Mark your calenders.


Baby Come Back

It is a sad day in this little monsters life today...I have finally used the last of my Bath and Body Works Purely Silk Salt Scrub.  I have been searching high and low since I opened the last jar in my stockpile, but have yet to find anything that comes even close to this skin softening wonder.  Even though this salt scrub caused many horrible falls in my shower because it left the tub slick and oily for the person that showered after me..it was that oil that made my skin ohhh so nice.   I might just have to give in and buy the extremely overpriced jars that are left on Ebay.
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ready for Your Flippy Floppies?

Ahhh. The wonderful flip flop season has begun.  If you're like me, winter is horrible because your poor toesies are stuck in a confined space for way too long.  I like to let my babies breathe and flip flops are perfect for just that.  Now, that being said you can't present your footsies to the world after they've been left to dry out, crack and get flaky over the winter.  These products will help you put your best toes forward.
The Mr. Pumice Ultimate Pumi Bar is a great tool for removing that extra layer of crusty nast that is left on your feet from winter.  The Ultimate Pumi Bar comes with a coarse side for those extra thick calluses and a medium coarseness to use all over your feet.  This bar can be used wet or dry and is antibacterial solution safe.  I've gone through many pumice scrubs, bars and tools and this is by far my favourite.  They're cheap, cheerful and they get the job done!

 Bath and Body Works I Love Shea footcream.  Once you're done scrubbin away the dead skin with the Mr. Pumice scrubber, slap on some of this fantastic foot cream and feel your feet instantly soften.  To make this product work double time, put it on before bed, put your footsies in a pair of cotton socks and wake up to amazingly soft feet. 

If you want to go the whole nine yards in foot care fashion then turn to these Beauty Booties from Bath and Body Works.  At $25 the price tag is a little high, but they're well worth it for all you foot pampering princesses.  The inside of these socks contain olive and jojoba oils to help prevent moisture loss and vitamin e to help keep your feeties looking young and fabulous.