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Monday, June 14, 2010

Humidity Proof Eye Shadow Tips

Oily eyelids is a problem for just about everyone, no matter what skin type the rest of your face belongs to. 

First off, if you apply an eye cream to your eye area and you normally apply it to your lid as well...skip the lid!  Since the job of the eye cream is to hydrate and plump the eye area, putting eye cream on your lids can make your lids appear puffy and increase oil production.

Secondly, as you powder your face to set your foundation..DON'T FORGET THE EYES! Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and press the translucent powder into your eyelids to help absorb any excess oil before shadow application.

If all else fails, reach for an eyelid primer.  I never apply eyeshadow to a bare lid because I find the colour can become blotchy on a hot day and the colour never wears as vibrant and true as it does with a base. 

A cult favourite for eyelid primers is Urban Decays Eyeshadow Primer Potion (UDPP for all you makeup junkies).   A little goes a long way with this magic in a bottle potion, simply dab a little onto your eyelid, blend with your fingers (remember! ring finger is best for eye area, provides least amount of tugging, resulting in less opportunity for wrinkles) allow to dry for a few seconds and then apply your shadow as you normally would.  Using this product just once will turn you into a junkie and you'll never feel the same way about eye shadow again.  Your colours will wear longer, more vibrant, and most importantly CREASE FREE!

At only $18 this product is a steal since you'll need less shadow to get your desired look, and not to mention that a little bit goes a long long long way. You can check it out here for more deets.

Some other shadow primers that come in a close second place include...
The new NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base slightly pricier at $24.

An honourable mention can go out to Benefit and their Lemon Aid lid primer.  I love this product because the yellowishness in it helps to take away the redness in  my lids and I even wear it alone for the no make up make up look.

Can be found here for only $20 bucks!  Also found at Shoppers Drug Mart with Beauty Boutiques.

The only one I would suggest that you stay far far away from is the Smashbox Lid Primer.

I've tried many, many times to love this product since I usually luurve Smashbox products, but everytime it underachieves and with a price tag of $20 it's not worth it at all.


Ashley said...

I'm excited about the new wand for UDPP.... maybe now I wont have to cut all my tubes open to get the remainder product open!!!

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