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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I want to be SO SO SO excited by this

but I'm having a hard time due to past experiences of crumminess. I lurrrvves me new ways to save space within my kit and the Z Palette is making me slightly excited at the chance to fit ANY shaped depoted make up, up in it.

This exclusive custom palette is perfect for display and color comparison. Its outstanding sleek and clean design offers an open magnetic base to fit any size eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or even foundation! You can keep all your favorites from all different makeup brands in one place. The compact finish is made of a coated high quality matte paper, which is easy to clean and is 70% recyclable. Best of all with its unique acrylic clear window you can see exactly what’s inside! Replace colors as often as you would like to your preference.

AHHHH mazing right? Don't get too overly excited just yet...the outer casing is made from "coated, high quality matte PAPER!".  I had a similar palette to this one that I spent about $30 and within weeks the edges of the paper on the palette started curling and I was left with a palette that left my poor lil eyeshadows all exposed for the world to see...ultimately leading to the demise of a few of my favourite shades.  I want to love this palette because it's such a great idea, but I think I'm going to hold out until they come up with a more durable one. 

That being said...this palette would be fantastic for someone that doesn't have to lug their make up around to different places all the time.  The cutesy zebra print would look fantastic sitting on your vanity and it really is a great idea.

If you want...you can check out this fantastical invention on the Z Palette website where you can order them in different sizes, ranging in price from $14 to $20.

check check check it out


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