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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ready for Your Flippy Floppies?

Ahhh. The wonderful flip flop season has begun.  If you're like me, winter is horrible because your poor toesies are stuck in a confined space for way too long.  I like to let my babies breathe and flip flops are perfect for just that.  Now, that being said you can't present your footsies to the world after they've been left to dry out, crack and get flaky over the winter.  These products will help you put your best toes forward.
The Mr. Pumice Ultimate Pumi Bar is a great tool for removing that extra layer of crusty nast that is left on your feet from winter.  The Ultimate Pumi Bar comes with a coarse side for those extra thick calluses and a medium coarseness to use all over your feet.  This bar can be used wet or dry and is antibacterial solution safe.  I've gone through many pumice scrubs, bars and tools and this is by far my favourite.  They're cheap, cheerful and they get the job done!

 Bath and Body Works I Love Shea footcream.  Once you're done scrubbin away the dead skin with the Mr. Pumice scrubber, slap on some of this fantastic foot cream and feel your feet instantly soften.  To make this product work double time, put it on before bed, put your footsies in a pair of cotton socks and wake up to amazingly soft feet. 

If you want to go the whole nine yards in foot care fashion then turn to these Beauty Booties from Bath and Body Works.  At $25 the price tag is a little high, but they're well worth it for all you foot pampering princesses.  The inside of these socks contain olive and jojoba oils to help prevent moisture loss and vitamin e to help keep your feeties looking young and fabulous.


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